• Bokko

    Debut: Episode 0 It’s hard to say what she was like when she was alive. Now that she’s dead, she haunts her old workplace, the Prime Archive. Just generally miserable, […]

  • Professor

    A Mendicant Stoic of the order of Weavers who Listens to the Whispers The Prime Archive. Fartown’s most prominent library. It is mostly quiet (save for the singing librarian) and you seat yourself at an empty table. Except, it’s not empty, is it? There’s a scruffy-looking bearded man seated and asleep in one of the chairs! Was he here the whole time? Strange, you never noticed before. He wakes, eyes you wearily, excuses himself, and harrumphs off to the Sub Basement across the street. It’s almost baffling to consider that he might even have the loose change to afford a cup of coffee, much less a meal. You catch a glimpse of the weighty tome he fell asleep on: “Perspectives in Theoretical Historiography“. Was he even reading this?

  • Madame Nessie

    Debut: Episode 0 The cheerful morning shift librarian at the Prime Archive spends most of her time singing and fixing books that have become mysteriously misplaced. She loves her job, […]