• Boost Your Juice

    When you’re feeling low, you can get a needle in your butt that puts some “pep in your step”. Probably it’s bee pollen?

  • Billy

    Episode 0 Billy, the Knight of Clubs, is one of the police officers working in the card shoe near Malan’s pop-up book. He gets along well with the people on […]

  • A Potato

    Debut: Episode 0 International man of mystery. Wealthy and eccentric recluse. A deep and complex carbohydrate. Who is he? How did he come by his fortune? Has he always lived […]

  • Rocketship Graveyard

    Every so often, a rocketship crashes in Malan’s neighborhood. There’s a big smoldering lot full of the wreckage of countless failed attempts at space exploration. Whenever there’s a crash, the […]

  • Blockbuster

    Do you need something? Maybe you need a rototiller for a project, or you need to borrow a moving van. You can find it all at Blockbuster! You can borrow […]

  • A Dracula

    Debut: Episode 0 Malan’s next-door neighbor. He exactly adheres to every single vampire myth. Is he really a Dracula? Like, he seems to be making a really big deal of […]