• Sub-Basement

    It tastes exactly like Sub-Prime, at a much lower price. Well, it only tastes exactly like Sub-Prime if your fantasy is being buried alive, which, hey, who are we to […]

  • Nightclub Next Door

    Next door to the Prime Archive is an upside-down nightclub. It’s a pretty hopping place, if a little bit grimy. It’s hard to clean the floor when the floor is […]

  • The Prime Archive

    A beautiful state-pf-the-art library. It’s also the closest thing The Professor has to a home. You can find virtually any information you’re looking for here, thanks to the upsettingly helpful […]

  • The Sub-Prime Archive

    A sandwich shop specializing in sauce that tastes like your most treasured dreams and fantasies come to life. It’s a little pricey, but well worth it, and it’s popular among […]

  • Public Art

    It looks like a pile of shiny silver spheres. I’m sure it means something very deep. The disheveled man at the library insists there’s something else going on with it. […]