• Episode 24 – Time to Get Lucky

    An old friend sends a letter to our 'heroes' and we are off on another Investigation! Eleventeenth Street comes up with a crazy new invention. Up is Down, Down is Left.

  • Episode 23 – Inter-Library Loan

    Only Rachel is approached by a mysterious secret society of Mysteries and takes the rest of us on an adventure! These are our specialties! One of us knows spells, one of us knows books, one of us knows the dead... and that other guy.

  • Episode 22 – The InBestigators

    Everyone is having a very strange series of things happening to them. Plagarism, Book Eating, Stalking, and learning that Rabbits are notorious liars. We set a trap. One of those boxes with a string and a stick style traps. Another encounter with everyone's favorite NPC, we find out that Malan and the Professor like to watch, and yet again we profess what good investigators we are! (We aren't.)

  • Episode 21-2 – Dead End Soup

    AKA: History’s Greatest Monster Energy Drink. AKA: No Poop Soup. In this Development Mode Episode: a very unusual Professor teaches us a class, Only Rachel makes another new friend and all of their friends, Malan participates in a Montage, Eleventeenth Street cleans up, cooks, and hunts down a man just to watch him… answer questions.

  • Episode 21-1 – Now You’re the Monster Energy Drink

    This is the ‘Pre-Development Episode’ Episode. Not Mandatory listening, but this is part of our leveling up process. Don’t know if other podcasts include the nitty gritty of leveling up, but here it is, in all our weird glory. We all Level up and spend a non-zero amount of time reading out weird spells from the cards.. There's some references to Metal Gear Solid by the ladies, and Eleventeenth Street makes that Soup he keeps talking about. as well as a bunch of other Makery Stuff(tm) We name all the kinds of Hats we know.....

  • Episode 20 – Thats as Far as the Plan is Go

    Only Rachel gets existential, Eleventeenth Street is an enabler. Someone starts a fire and the day becomes a rescue mission. Theres some reverse grave robbing, we discuss the finer points of the Inter Dimensional House Of Pancakes(IDHOP) Also, I guess there’s some resolution with the Church of Midnight,. Supplimental Music Today by: ZapSplat

  • Episode 19 – And I Am One

    Hello Terrence, and welcome to the New Year! Today we learn about long-form Magic, the benefits of sunglasses as weaponry, do some shopping, and Glitter-Bomb some stuff! We're also being hunted by some scary people, but that seems pretty normal for us.

  • Episode 14.5 – The Museum of You

    This episode comes in the middle/at the end of Episode 14, This is Malan and Eleventeenth Street’s encounter with the Museum of You. Come along on a ride with us, won’t you, in this ‘Very Special Episode’ as we learn more things about our selves, our own characters, and lock Dave out of the recording room for a time.

  • Episode 18 – Failure to Plan

    We learn more about the connection between mental health and the Church of Midnight, visit a Cookie Bar sadly without Only Rachel, realize Malan has no concept of money, and find out the Professor talks to himself which is usually the realm of Eleventeenth Street...

  • Episode 17 – Wasted in the Wastes

    Eric really just gives us a lot to be upset about this episode. We have a lot to think about now.

  • Episode 16 – Loose Change

    The gang sets out on a missing persons case! Nothing upsetting, disturbing, or deeply uncomfortable happens.

  • Episode Eleventeen – Everyone is Eleventeenth Street

    An international man of mystery wakes up in a box in a Blockbuster, with no idea what to do with himself. Lucky for him, four very helpful demons have plenty of ideas.

  • Episode 15 – I Trick This Duck With Magic

    Why do we keep investigating we’re not detectives we’re idiots.

  • Episode 14 – Is Your Refrigerator Running?

    Let’s do some completely normal and not at all traumatic information gathering! Whee!

  • Episode 13 – Boned

    Only Rachel sees a doctor about her visit to the club. Eleventeeth Street figures out what to do with all these bones! All his plans are terrible. He’s terrible.

  • Episode 12 – Where Everyone Knows Everyone

    At the library, there is a certain book. A book containing limitless adventure, thrills galore, and so so many rules. When this book gets into Malan’s little hands, can she convince her friends to play the game properly? Ask the maniacal ranger Xine Boarpuncher, the reckless barbarian Grognard, and the sexy demon rogue Kairi. Maybe they’ll tell you.

  • Episode 11 – Interview

    Welcome to our second development mode episode! How much trouble can these idiots get in when they`re all split up? Loads. Eleventeenth Street gets back to work on his renovations. Rachel has a cultural experiences. Malan faces her worst nightmares. The »Professor looks for a place.

  • Episode 10 – Trick or Treat!

    The gang sets out to help out dear, sweet Thomas. In order to do so, they need to choose between a building full of otherworldly bureaucrats and Satyrine’s Most Haunted House. The choice is completely obvious. Meet a living album cover, a coffee shop the party hasn’t trashed, and the Professor’s greatest weakness!

  • Episode 9 – Through the Looking Glass

    The party goes shopping. Shoe shopping, to be precise. Honestly, it would have gone badly even without Malan, notorious shoe-hater. There was pretty much no way this was going to go well. Oh, and they do battle with a horrific creature bent on consuming their entire existence. That happens too.

  • Episode 8 – Like, a Scouting Mission

    Our heroes find out where the next piece of their puzzle is located – an asylum. They very quickly decide not to get committed, but that doesn’t leave them with a whole lot of options. What even gets a person committed in the Actuality? Ketchup magic circles? Stealing ketchup? Squirting ketchup onto the Professor? This week, we learn the answer, and it’s…uhh…it’s real bad.