• Lady Bells

    Debut: Episode 0 No one has seen the resident of #9 Teenth St, though they can hear her sometimes, the music of the breeze as it blows through the enchanted […]

  • I Promise You Can Leave If You Want

    In the middle of the enchanted forest district, there is a nightclub. It’s a completely safe and normal nightclub accessed through a fairy ring, a circle of mushrooms surrounded by […]

  • Eleventeenth Street

    A Connected Galant of the Order of the Makers who Hosts a Legion

    Eleventeenth Street is a grimy, abandoned subway station under a park on the edge of Far Town. It's also the namesake of the unrefined, chain-smoking Maker who calls it his home and workshop.

    Eleventeenth Street is the sort of person who sees things from a practical perspective; one that doesn't always leave room for the immaterial. Carrying around a head full of demons wherever he goes, Eleveneenth Street’s peculiar brand of creativity is bound to leave a mark on the Actuality.

  • Er-ish

    Debut: Episode 0 Roger is inhabited by a single person, an actual person. This person, who wears a trenchcoat that fits perfectly and is not at all lumpy, only has […]

  • Roger

    The resident of both #3 and #13 Teenth St. He’s also the house. Roger is an enormous, pretentious, cantankerous old oak tree whose primary goals mostly involve property values in […]