• Episode 21-2 – Dead End Soup

    AKA: History’s Greatest Monster Energy Drink. AKA: No Poop Soup. In this Development Mode Episode: a very unusual Professor teaches us a class, Only Rachel makes another new friend and all of their friends, Malan participates in a Montage, Eleventeenth Street cleans up, cooks, and hunts down a man just to watch him… answer questions.

  • Episode 21-1 – Now You’re the Monster Energy Drink

    This is the ‘Pre-Development Episode’ Episode. Not Mandatory listening, but this is part of our leveling up process. Don’t know if other podcasts include the nitty gritty of leveling up, but here it is, in all our weird glory. We all Level up and spend a non-zero amount of time reading out weird spells from the cards.. There's some references to Metal Gear Solid by the ladies, and Eleventeenth Street makes that Soup he keeps talking about. as well as a bunch of other Makery Stuff(tm) We name all the kinds of Hats we know.....

  • Episode 14.5 – The Museum of You

    This episode comes in the middle/at the end of Episode 14, This is Malan and Eleventeenth Street’s encounter with the Museum of You. Come along on a ride with us, won’t you, in this ‘Very Special Episode’ as we learn more things about our selves, our own characters, and lock Dave out of the recording room for a time.

  • Episode Eleventeen – Everyone is Eleventeenth Street

    An international man of mystery wakes up in a box in a Blockbuster, with no idea what to do with himself. Lucky for him, four very helpful demons have plenty of ideas.

  • Episode 0 – The People (and sandwiches) In Your Neighborhood

    Cat, Dave, Lisa and Adam have made their Invisible Sun characters, so it's time to meet Only Rachel, The Professor, Malan, and Eleventeenth Street.  It's also time to meet their neighbors. In this episode, we learned Lisa is yucky, but Cat's somehow worse.