Story Episodes

  • Episode 4 – Detective Work

    Once they've recovered from the nonsense they got up to at the party, our heroes decide to hit the streets and do some honest-to-goodness investigation. It's outside the library, even! Today, we learned what adventure tastes like.

  • Episode 3 – First Aid

    This is a Development Mode episode. What happened to the Professor? Is Malan gonna be okay? Can Eleventeenth Street do first aid on a tiny sausage man? Today, we learned a very good way to move a couch.

  • Episode 2 – When It’s Time to Party

    Our heroes are all ready to go to a ritzy party, and they'll definitely do a good job at the party and none of them will do anything bad, rude, or awkward. Today, we learned about waterfowl!

  • Episode 1 – Everyone Who’s Anyone

    Our very first episode! The whole town is buzzing with news - it's the event of the season, and our heroes will do almost anything to get an invitation! Except Rachel. She's just here for the pancakes. Today, we learned that kids these days have no goddamn respect.