Author: Hidden Among Hearts Cast

  • The Prime Archive

    A beautiful state-pf-the-art library. It’s also the closest thing The Professor has to a home. You can find virtually any information you’re looking for here, thanks to the upsettingly helpful […]

  • Blockbuster

    Do you need something? Maybe you need a rototiller for a project, or you need to borrow a moving van. You can find it all at Blockbuster! You can borrow […]

  • Bokko

    Debut: Episode 0 It’s hard to say what she was like when she was alive. Now that she’s dead, she haunts her old workplace, the Prime Archive. Just generally miserable, […]

  • The Sub-Prime Archive

    A sandwich shop specializing in sauce that tastes like your most treasured dreams and fantasies come to life. It’s a little pricey, but well worth it, and it’s popular among […]

  • Er-ish

    Debut: Episode 0 Roger is inhabited by a single person, an actual person. This person, who wears a trenchcoat that fits perfectly and is not at all lumpy, only has […]

  • Doctor

    Debut: Episode 0 An easygoing and cheerful fellow, Only Rachel’s next-door neighbor is educated, talented, and resourceful. What is his education, you ask? Oh, he’s got his doctorate. What doctorate? […]

  • Madame Nessie

    Debut: Episode 0 The cheerful morning shift librarian at the Prime Archive spends most of her time singing and fixing books that have become mysteriously misplaced. She loves her job, […]

  • Public Art

    It looks like a pile of shiny silver spheres. I’m sure it means something very deep. The disheveled man at the library insists there’s something else going on with it. […]

  • Roger

    The resident of both #3 and #13 Teenth St. He’s also the house. Roger is an enormous, pretentious, cantankerous old oak tree whose primary goals mostly involve property values in […]

  • A Dracula

    Debut: Episode 0 Malan’s next-door neighbor. He exactly adheres to every single vampire myth. Is he really a Dracula? Like, he seems to be making a really big deal of […]