Author: Hidden Among Hearts Cast

  • Episode 7 – Just the Two of Us

    He's a collection of bad ideas stuffed into the body of a single man. She's part librarian, part library, all daydreamer. They fight crime.

  • Episode 6 – Like Clockwork

    Our heroes encounter a demon in Eleventeenth Street. The place, not the person. The person's a problem for another time.  This week, we learned the Professor's standards for a good day.

  • Episode 5 – Health and Safety

    Look, Rachel, there's more important things to worry about than jambalaya right now! In this episode, somebody's home gets condemned, and somebody else does a vandalism! This week, we learned where the nerds are at.

  • Episode 4 – Detective Work

    Once they've recovered from the nonsense they got up to at the party, our heroes decide to hit the streets and do some honest-to-goodness investigation. It's outside the library, even! Today, we learned what adventure tastes like.

  • Episode 3 – First Aid

    This is a Development Mode episode. What happened to the Professor? Is Malan gonna be okay? Can Eleventeenth Street do first aid on a tiny sausage man? Today, we learned a very good way to move a couch.

  • Episode 2 – When It’s Time to Party

    Our heroes are all ready to go to a ritzy party, and they'll definitely do a good job at the party and none of them will do anything bad, rude, or awkward. Today, we learned about waterfowl!

  • Episode 1 – Everyone Who’s Anyone

    Our very first episode! The whole town is buzzing with news - it's the event of the season, and our heroes will do almost anything to get an invitation! Except Rachel. She's just here for the pancakes. Today, we learned that kids these days have no goddamn respect.

  • Episode 0 – The People (and sandwiches) In Your Neighborhood

    Cat, Dave, Lisa and Adam have made their Invisible Sun characters, so it's time to meet Only Rachel, The Professor, Malan, and Eleventeenth Street.  It's also time to meet their neighbors. In this episode, we learned Lisa is yucky, but Cat's somehow worse.

  • Lady Bells

    Debut: Episode 0 No one has seen the resident of #9 Teenth St, though they can hear her sometimes, the music of the breeze as it blows through the enchanted […]

  • Sub-Basement

    It tastes exactly like Sub-Prime, at a much lower price. Well, it only tastes exactly like Sub-Prime if your fantasy is being buried alive, which, hey, who are we to […]

  • I Promise You Can Leave If You Want

    In the middle of the enchanted forest district, there is a nightclub. It’s a completely safe and normal nightclub accessed through a fairy ring, a circle of mushrooms surrounded by […]

  • The Moebius Strip Mall

    You can probably find everything you’re looking for here! It takes forever to walk end-to-end, so it’s hard to put together an exact directory of it. Only Rachel likes to […]

  • Nightclub Next Door

    Next door to the Prime Archive is an upside-down nightclub. It’s a pretty hopping place, if a little bit grimy. It’s hard to clean the floor when the floor is […]

  • Boost Your Juice

    When you’re feeling low, you can get a needle in your butt that puts some “pep in your step”. Probably it’s bee pollen?

  • Billy

    Episode 0 Billy, the Knight of Clubs, is one of the police officers working in the card shoe near Malan’s pop-up book. He gets along well with the people on […]

  • Judith

    Debut: Episode 0 The cat who lives in Only Rachel’s mailbox. She looks like a miniature Siberian Tiger, and she’s always watching from somewhere. She loves bacon and gossip, and […]

  • Hedge Maze

    I know it looks like it’s a straight line from one end to the other, but trust me, once you get inside, it’s way more challenging than you’d think. Even […]

  • A Potato

    Debut: Episode 0 International man of mystery. Wealthy and eccentric recluse. A deep and complex carbohydrate. Who is he? How did he come by his fortune? Has he always lived […]

  • Rocketship Graveyard

    Every so often, a rocketship crashes in Malan’s neighborhood. There’s a big smoldering lot full of the wreckage of countless failed attempts at space exploration. Whenever there’s a crash, the […]

  • Grizz

    Debut: Episode 0 The huge man on the motorbike, towing Fartown’s premiere miniature tea shop behind him. Grizz is a laid-back and amiable man, happy to help his friends and […]