About Us

We’re the cast of Truth Hidden Among Hearts! We’ve known each other for varying shades of forever, huddling together over our RPG table to hide out the harsh Alberta winters together.


The GameMaster, Sound Editor

Eric will pretty much go along with whatever, which makes him a pretty good GM, since he’s good at adapting to whatever irrational nonsense the players have done. It does mean that he’ll just let Cat do his bio for him, which is fine, since she’s at least decent enough to let people know she’s the one who did it.

Eric is sometimes a director in our hometown’s thriving theatre scene! Mostly he plays literally every nerd game, and his very very favorite thing to do is try and explain complicated games with lots of parts to his idiot friends.

Which, of course, is how this podcast came to be.


Voice of Only Rachel, Only one who uses Twitter, Website Admiral

Band Name: Rocketship Graveyard (Prog rock, probably)

Cat is an author, editor, and game designer who lives at the top of a tall apartment building with a pet tortoise. Her short fiction has been in Tesseracts 15 and 22, Here Be Monsters, and other anthologies, and she co-edited the recent The Dame Was Trouble from Coffin Hop Press. She recently launched Peach Garden Games, and her own podcast, Sword of Symphonies. She’s the GM in that one. She has the power.

Cat’s favorite video games are Monster Hunter, Monster Rancher, and Monster…uhh…Pocketer. Pokemon. She loves Pokemon. She has a load-bearing stack of TTRPG manuals in her living room, including her favorites, Scion, Legend of the Five Rings, and Golden Sky Stories.

Adventuresome to the point of recklessness, softhearted to the point of foolishness, and confident well past the point of vanity, Cat has trouble telling what’s real and what’s a joke.


Voice of Malan, Sound Editor, Commander of Thoroughly Useless Information

Collector of Television and Movie quotes, aspiring art-er and writer, user of Reddit, and prolific watcher of Home Improvement & Tiny Home Youtube videos.

Owned by an 8lbs tiny tiger, Jeep Driver™, and do-er of much Sarcasm, Lisa is a gamer; Video, Tabletop, Forum, and otherwise!


Voice of The Professor, Music Expert

Band Name: Deeper Than Roger (Probably emo let’s not kid ourselves)

Dave used to be the Platonic ideal of the Theatre Kid. Nowadays, though, he’s more akin to the internet ideal of the Basement Dweller with a passing knowledge of decade-old musical theatre trends.

In his spare time, Dave enjoys short walks with his dog and long walks away from reality.


Voice of Eleventeenth Street, Hardware Consultant, Chip Alchemist

Adam is a capricious know-it-all with a talent for being talentless. His best trait is his sense of humour and his worst is his indecisiveness, but he’s not willing to commit to that.

He’s worked as many Makery-type things, like material handler, automotive mechanic, programmer, and carpenter. In a past life, Adam was an orchestral musician.

Adam enjoys video games, tabletop RPGs, extended bouts of lethargy, loud noises (particularly heavy metal), and anything flammable or explosive. His spirit animal is Cliff Clavin.